Ask a Macher April Showers During COVID-19 Even though our industry has to temporarily shut down all open houses, Windermere is providing leadership in using new knowledge tools to shepherd us through limited market conditions. Restrictions have been lifted to allow showings (one person at a time with distancing). For the foreseeable future in this public health crisis, there will be a trend to […]
Ask a Macher Can I offer less in this market? A good Realtor will open dialogue with the listing broker before submitting an offer and gauge the sellers expectations and “breaking point”. Days on the market, location and the house itself factor – also recent neighborhood sales will help adjust the price up or down. Ask Lorna Jean Giger a question.
Ask a Macher How do you successfully downsize, but also maintain a spot for your kids to land for “awhile”? Look for a master on the main level, or at least a very nice guest room with a bath. Don’t be afraid of cosmetic changes – give your net a wide berth for neighborhoods and always work with a Realtor who is local. It will save you money and time. Ask Lorna Jean Giger a […]
Ask a Macher How should you manage expectations when buying a home? Be prepared with a proof of funds letter and set yourself up (not a big bank) with a type of loan that will give you a path. Buying first is a great option if you qualify. You can close faster and look as good as a cash buyer! Ask Lorna Jean Giger a question.
Ask a Macher Why use a local realtor? When selling or buying, a good Realtor will know the local nuances of the community, as well as title and escrow, lenders, septic, water and county jurisdiction – this will result in a smoother transaction. A home listed by a local Realtor will also have added value in the saved tie and money. Ask Lorna […]
Ask a Macher What is the best way to prepare a house for listing? A clean and staged home will sell for more money than “As-Is”. Consider a pre-inspection . You will have a guideline for projects, and can share that report with buyers to show how market-ready you are. Often, this will allow the house to go straight to pending! Ask Lorna Jean Giger a question.
Age in Place Age in Place, Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap   Age In Place In the US, a huge percentage of the average person’s income is spent on housing – around 40%.  This is considered normal.  When you want to retire, how do you sustain your lifestyle when you don’t have an income? The goal should be to own your home outright.  Lew Mandell, Economist […]
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